For Sec 1E2 Students of 2009 from WRSS
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 Holiday Homework

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PostSubject: Holiday Homework   Holiday Homework I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 13, 2009 2:05 pm

English : Comprehension:Past year paper(?? What's that?)

Maths: Questions from Workbook
Topics: Factors and Multiples, Real Numbers
Factors & Multiples: Q 8d,9f,12g,13h,18,24
Real Numbers: Q 9a,16c,16d,17e,17g,19b,20d,20e,22,24

Science: Find out information for project: "Fun with Planting"

Malay: To complete a book review based on a book borrowed from any of the NLB libraries.

Chinese: Students to conduct interviews to father people's views on a selected news topic. Final product would be a simple written report.

DNT: Solar Car Tutorial Worksheet 4 - Explore items/products in your home and use their forms and shapes to design your own car base in the worksheet
Read Text Unit 5.2 pages 49-54 - highlight katwords in text
Read Text Unit 14.5 pages 198-200 - do a mindmap of this unit

Home Economics: No Homework (YAY!)

Geography: Workbook Exercise (Self Test): Page 37 - 44

History : Content Worksheet - Elaboration Skills (Chapter 7:Golden Age)

Art: Find out about the themme and values related to the Youth Olympic Games (YOG)

These information had been directly copied from the "Work Assignment for the March Holiday"©️ letter.
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Holiday Homework
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