For Sec 1E2 Students of 2009 from WRSS
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 AzRule's Bloggehh

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Join date : 2009-02-17
Age : 22

PostSubject: AzRule's Bloggehh   Fri Mar 27, 2009 6:52 pm

Uhh .. Hi! LOL ... This is my blog! will try to rot my blog away and post it here... Rolling Eyes
Anyone can comment about anything i typed out here . =] But please follow the rules =]
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Posts : 26
Join date : 2009-02-17
Age : 22

PostSubject: 27 March 2009   Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:04 pm

uhh kay.
came to school did nothing but sit down and chatted
then read book
quite boring
ms hu nvr come again .. MC ..
today wasted 30 min of PE doing some things
they wasted our time by giiving the YOG t-shirt
that has the wrong design.. LOL
the design so.... nice ... tongue
then PE....
run around the field 3 times
but after one round, do ten push ups.
after that had a race
i was racing sly and alvin
so close Very Happy
kudos to both of you even if you don't know about the forum
i was in a state of awe myself.
we did all that in like 15 mins.
but my back still in pain
then geo..
did the assignment in that lesson
eat rice
then english got compre test
seems so easy
i did it like 25 min passed by
then sleep all the way
then go mt ..
no test . wee pirat pirat
then finish school
come back at 2.30+
then mr see say next monday after the activity stay at school until 6.30 do the sumobot we've been doing
im in the group that will be in the sumo competition in May
i cant wait for next week ...
yay yay yay ,,,

Gd Day,
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AzRule's Bloggehh
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